RECAP: G3 Conservation Corps Week 2

The Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps’ second week left little time to waste.

Following CPR training, the team took to the hills of DanDan Inalahan and begun work with the Guam Restoration of Watersheds (GROW) team.

Along with the GROW team, the G3 Conservation Corps cleared some non-native trees to make room for the planting of the native Dukduk (breadfruit) trees to help combat erosion.

The team used the cleared trees to build wattles, which are dam like structures erected in the path of flow paths that slow erosion and help to build terrace formations to hold back any other mud or dirt that could make their ways to rivers and oceans jeopardizing our coral reefs.

The G3 Conservation Corps finished off the week with the next stop on their weekly island beautification schedule, the most northern village of Yigo.

After meeting with Senator Joe San Agustin and Yigo Mayor Anthony Sanchez the team took to Marine Corps Drive and added to the already growing number of trash bags filled, significantly reducing the amount of roadside trash.

The G3 Conservation Corps program prepares our community for the emerging green economy. The twelve member group program will last for five months.

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