Guam Green Growth Kupu Corps welcomes four new members in 2024

The Guam Green Growth (G3) Kupu Corps welcomes four new members to the program this year, making for a steady increase in membership since its inception in January 2023. 

Joining the G3 Kupu Corps this year are Joan Tomokane who will be hosted by the American Memorial Park (US National Park Service) in Saipan; Lawrence Lizama, who will be hosted by the UOG Center for Island Sustainability and Sea Grant; and lastly, Joshua Artuz and Tatiana Ananich, both of whom will be hosted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Guam National Wildlife Refuge. 

The G3 Kupu Corps is a collaboration between G3 and the Kupu Conservation Leadership Development Program (CLDP) which aims to empower young professionals through education and training relative to careers within the emerging green economy.  

Kupu is Hawai’i’s largest non-profit organization which helps to provide entry-level, hands-on experience to young individuals interested in working in conservation. 

Although only in its second year since the program’s start, the G3 Kupu Corps has welcomed nine members to the fold, with three members recruited in 2024. 

Annania Kemp, G3 Conservation Corps and Kupu Corps project coordinator, shares how the program has grown within this year alone. 

“We’ve grown our host sites by two this year adding the UOG CIS/SG’s Aquaculture team as one and the US Fish and Wildlife Guam National Wildlife Refuge as the other,” said Kemp.

“Therefore, we’ve grown our number of members as well.” 

With G3 Kupu Corps members working with their assigned host sites, Kemp says each member will have the opportunity to garner work experience needed to eventually transition into educational or career opportunities within conservation. 

“The goal of the program is to prepare individuals for the growing green economy and get them either into school with the AmeriCorps education award they receive after completing the program or into a career in conservation after they graduate from the program,” said Kemp.  

Over six to eleven months, G3 Kupu Corps members will work with personnel at their assigned host sites, gathering experience and acquiring skills to ease the transition from the program to career opportunities parallel to their skill set. 

As G3 Kupu Corps members work alongside their assigned host sites, Kemp has high hopes for each team member once the program ends.  

“We hope for the members to either utilize their education award to go to school in conservation to further their career in conservation or jump into the workforce right away with all the lessons and skills they’ve learned with their host sites throughout their term and start their conservation career.” 

According to Kemp, there are many incentives for people interested in conservation work to join the G3 Kupu Corps program. 

“There are so many benefits that come from this program like the education award, the trainings and possible certifications you can receive, the competitive living allowance, health insurance, eligibility-based child care, eligibility-based student loan forbearance, and really the hands-on learning and experiences in conservation without needing a background or education in it to start!” 

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