RECAP: Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps Week Six

Week six started with a ride on the river, as the Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps made their way to the Valley of the Latte for a week of agriculture work.
The team joined the amazing Valley of the Latte crew in preparing, harvesting and planting several of Guam’s favorite fruits and vegetables including Pineapple and Taro.
Never scared to get down and dirty, the team cleared land, and learned about the uses and benefits of locally grown produce and their affect on our economy.
They even got to try their hands at some wood working.
The week came to a close with another stop on the G3 Conservation Corps Island Beautification Schedule as the group took to an often litter-filled area in Mangilao, 1000 Steps. There they filled over 50 bags with trash from along the roadside and sorted 8 bags full of recyclable aluminum cans.
Thank you again for another week well spent Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps!
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