Recap: Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps week twelve

It was harvest week for the Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps! On the collection list: The Chain of Love. The Corps spent the week with the Department of Agriculture Forestry team in Togcha tackling the invasive vine that is known to smother our native plants and trees.
The Corps started the week in training and learning the proper way to pull and remove the introduced species. They learned all about the roots and tubers and how to make sure the vine did not grow back after being removed.
The team spent the rest of the week putting their new knowledge into action, even getting a visit from the Governor and Lt. Governor who heard about their efforts to protect our indigenous plants.
The harvest was only the beginning as the group took part in a circular economy workshop that posed the question, “What happens to the chain of love after they’ve been harvested?”
The group was joined by entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts including Jasmine from Numa’lo Zero Waste Refillery for the circular economy workshop.
During the workshop, the Corps discussed and shared recipes and re-uses for the Chain of Love. Some of the products included Numa’lo bath bombs, clothing dye, furikaki and even a COL pesto.
Recipes and instructions will be shared soon. Stay tuned!
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