Corporate responsibility workshop leads social lesson at Innovation Hub

The Guam Green Growth Circular Economy Makerspace and Innovation Hub played host to a Corporate Social Responsibility workshop featuring Ericka Anderson, co-founder of the Guam Human Rights Initiative.  

According to Anderson, social legitimacy and capital are both key measures of a group’s standing in their community.  

“A company exists because society allows it to exist,” explained Anderson. “Social legitimacy is the relationship you have with society, and social capital is more of a manifestation effect.” 

Anderson says that organizations can see their social capital levels change throughout their existence.   

“You can build social capital, or you could lose social capital,” added Anderson. “You build it by having a positive impact on your society.”  

The workshop was a part of an ongoing series of development and education for local businesses offered at the Innovation Hub in the CHamoru Village in partnership with the University of Guam Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  

Anderson also presented at the University of Guam School of Business and Public Administration.  

“Corporate Social Responsibility is when corporations and organizations self-regulate themselves as citizens within the community and they aim to contribute to goals of philanthropy, activism and charity,” said Guam Green Growth Circular Economy Coordinator Myracle Mugol. “It’s when a company takes a positive role in the community, and they consider the environmental and social impact of their decisions and practices.” 

Ten local businesses and organizations confirmed participation in the workshop and sent representatives who learned about local implementation of CSR strategies and practices.  

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