First Sirena Festival highlights ocean preservation and culture

The first ever Sirena Festival was held in the island’s capital of Hågatña and highlighted the importance of ocean conservation and cultural preservation.

The event organized by the Hågatña Restoration and Redevelopment Authority featured vendors from many local businesses and community groups.

Amongst them were the University of Guam Center for Island Sustainability, UOG Sea Grant, Guam NSF EPSCoR, Guam Green Growth, NSF INCLUDES SEAS Islands Alliance, Guampedia and more. 

“This is a really fun event and it is great to be outdoors with the family learning about some of the history of Guam,” said Yigo resident Judith Anderson.  “It almost feels like we are back to normal.” 

The UOG CIS outreach booth featured topics including ridge to reef education, sea turtle preservation, Sustainable Development Goal outreach along with recruitment for various fellowship and internship opportunities. 

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