G3 Conservation Corps installs solar panels on JFK to help with renewable energy

SOAK IT IN: The Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps helped to install solar panels along roofs at John F. Kennedy High School in Tamuning in hopes of promoting renewable energy.

The lesson of Renewable energy was taught in the sun, as the Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps took to the rooftop of John F. Kennedy High School in Tamuning to learn about solar power.

Alongside the maintenance contractors for the school, the Corps installed over four hundred twenty solar panels on the school’s gym, cafeteria, annex and classrooms.

“It gives me hope that there are alternatives for energy saving and renewable energy sources,” explained Corps member Drake Kemp. “It gives us a way to get away from using our ancient practices and do some good for the environment.”

The Corps spent two weeks assisting with the project which falls in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7, Affordable and Clean Energy, which aims to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

“Renewable energy is very important for Guam in that it will help with reducing costs that goes towards energy,” said Kemp. “That money can be used in other areas to help with other problems.”

The project led Conservation Corps members through the basics of solar power generation, panel installation and system maintenance.

“We learned that it is possible to power up a whole school with solar energy,” said Kemp. “It’s something they say, but you don’t really understand it until you see it in action.”

Along with the installation of solar panels, the group also learned about energy efficiency and helped replace outdated and less efficient lighting fixtures throughout the campus.

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