Guam Green Growth shares Sustainable Development Goals with students at Phoenix Center

A group of lively middle school students at Father Duenas Memorial School gathered in a circle around 17 colorful tiles depicting the United Nations sanctioned Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The Guam Green Growth (G3) team was there to interact with the students and get a conversation going on how to adapt the goals for the communities in Guam.

A repurposed milk carton with numbers one to seventeen written on it was tossed to a student who then read a number, which corresponded with the number on a goal. G3 team member Tori Manley asked questions of the student, which developed into a conversation that included everyone. The carton was tossed to the next person and the conversation continued.

The G3 initiative involves partners including the government, non-profits, business community members, and schools becoming involved to help the community by finding practical ways of implementing these goals.

Annania Kemp from team G3 spoke of the need for all communities on the island to work together to make the 17 goals a reality.

The students were very participatory and really enjoyed exploring the subjects that were introduced through the goals such as gender equality, life under the sea, quality education, clean water, and more.

Planting the seeds of SDGs for the youth to nurture will ensure that their children will enjoy a healthy environment, good educational opportunities, and the will to make Guam a sustainable place for all.

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