Micronesia Charts a Sustainable Course at 26th Islands Forum

The 26th Micronesian Islands Forum wrapped up this past week in Guam, bringing together leaders and stakeholders from across the region to discuss critical issues facing these island nations.

Sustainability emerged as a key theme, with a focus on navigating the challenges of climate change, preserving natural resources, and fostering economic development that respects the environment while highlighting the need for continued collaboration in the region for greatest chance of success. 

Delegates were presented with data and strategy suggestions from working groups featuring members from all over the region.   

Working groups focused on such areas as workforce development, tourism, technology and communications, transportation, recycling and more. 

The urgency for action was a prominent theme, with leaders exploring strategies to mitigate the effects of rising sea levels and strengthen island resilience.

Guam Green Growth steering committee co-chairs, Lieutenant Governor of Guam Joshua Tenorio and Director of the University of Guam Center for Island Sustainability and Sea Grant Austin Shelton, celebrated the success of the initiative on Guam and in recently launched programs Palau Green Growth and CNMI Green Growth. 

Presentations by organizations like Micronesian Challenge, and the various guest speakers including Suzy Vares-Lum, president of the East West Center in Hawaii, contributed to the forum’s success in fostering meaningful dialogue and charting a path towards a more sustainable future for Micronesia.

The forum concluded with a renewed sense of regional solidarity and a commitment to working together to address the challenges and opportunities facing the Micronesian islands.

The collaborative spirit fostered by the forum, along with the logistical support provided by UOG CIS & Sea Grant, promises a brighter future for this unique and irreplaceable island ecosystem.

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