RECAP: Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps week seventeen

It was a mix of business and fieldwork last week for our G3 Conservation Corps!
Our friends at GUMA (Guam Unique Merchandise and Art) took the Corps through their business incubator program for the first two days to show them the process of starting their own business.
Lorenzo Eduvala, UOG’s Student Academic Counseling Specialist with Enrollment Management & Student Services, performed a professional development training with the Corps on being proactive.
Franceska De Oro (@youngbiha), a yoga instructor and a coordinator for Micronesia Climate Change Alliance (MCCA), gave the Corps a lesson on self-sustainability and did a “Peace of Mind Square” activity on self-awareness.
Our partners at the Guam Department of Agriculture in the Agricultural Development Services (ADS) division, Chief John Borja and Ursula Herrera, gave the Corps a presentation on becoming a bonafide farmer.
Afterwards, our very own Kyle Mandapat presented on The Big 10 of Small Business Marketing and our G3 Coordinators, Lauren Swaddell and Rita Bernardo, shared an introduction on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
On Wednesday, Island Girl Power hosted the Corps where they carried out the following activities:
– Transplanted 4 guava trees
– Replanted 1 avocado tree and 2 moringa trees
– Pruned banana circle (banana, pigeon pea, papaya, tapioca, suni)
– Mulched up to 4” in moringa plot
– Placed 2 layers of cardboard as weed suppression in moringa plot
– Transplanted 11 suni in moringa plot
– Transplanted 12 lemongrass around moringa plot as erosion control
– Transplanted 9 buttercup plants
– Dispersed marigold and white/yellow daisy seeds in bee corner
– Watered all individual gardens
– Transplanted 5 arrow root and two lemon grass plants as erosion control around guava/avocado circle
– Two members devoted 8 hours to organizing the thrift store
On Thursday, G3CC assisted with the renovation and beautification of the Guam Green Growth Makerspace and Innovation Hub at CHamoru Village opening soon!
Finally, the Corps ended the week in Talo’fo’fo’ with a cleanup and painted a few village bus shelters.
Si Yu’os ma’åse’ to all our partners for hosting us and to all our volunteers who came out to assist!
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