RECAP: Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps week sixteen

Our G3 Conservation Corps was at the UOG Triton Farm last week! Here’s what they were up to:
– Cleaned and prepped 9 lbs. of lettuce for Triton Farm orders
– Harvested 2.5 pounds of basil for Triton Farm orders
– Planted 600 lettuce seeds, 72 basil seeds, 72 rosemary seeds, 72 tomato seeds, and 209 taro cuttings
– Cleared 300 ft. of weeds in lettuce/herb rows
– Cut, pruned, and mulched ~300 banana trees
– Transplanted 38 passion fruit plants
– Made 8 air layerings of lemmai
– Moved 3 truck loads of tree branches to piles
– Mulched 68 fruit trees with chicken manure and paper shreds good for 3-6 months
– Removed invasive toads from lettuce/herb rows
Si Yu’os ma’åse’ to our friends, Jessica Nangauta and her crew, at UOG Triton Farm for hosting our G3 Conservation Corps!
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