UOG giving out free can cages to raise funds for schools and promote recycling at 80th Liberation Day Parade

The 80th Guam Liberation Parade is shaping up to be a celebration of not just freedom, but also environmental responsibility. The University of Guam’s Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps (G3CC) are teaming up for a recycling initiative during the festivities. 

G3CC members will be stationed along the parade route, collecting recyclables from the enthusiastic crowds. This effort tackles Guam’s ongoing challenge of managing waste generated during large events. 

To bolster aluminum can recycling, the Corps will distribute free can cages to all registered parade participants. 

“Our goal this Liberation Day is to significantly increase recycling and divert cans from landfills,” said Phillip Cruz, coordinator for the Guam Green Growth Conservation Corps. “The G3CC team will collect cans throughout the parade and donate them to schools in partnership with IRecycle.” 

IRecycle is a program that allows schools to cash in on aluminum recycling, with the proceeds used to fund their needs and programs. 

Dr. Austin Shelton, director of UOG’s Center for Island Sustainability and Sea Grant, emphasizes the project’s impact extends beyond immediate environmental benefits. 

“Celebrating Guam’s 80th Liberation with the community is even more meaningful when we consider the long-term effects this outreach project will have on our children,” Shelton said. “We want everyone to learn about recycling and contribute to keeping our island clean and sustainable for generations to come.” 

This G3CC initiative highlights Guam’s growing environmental awareness and the importance of community involvement in building a sustainable future. Their efforts during the Liberation Parade are poised to serve as a positive example for residents and visitors alike. 

Cruz encourages all groups receiving can cages to take them home and continue recycling efforts. The G3CC team will be available to answer questions during permit issuance at the Department of Parks and Recreation office this Friday. 

The UOG Center for Island Sustainability and Sea Grant, and Guam Green Growth (G3) launched the G3 Conservation Corps (G3CC) program in partnership with UOG Global Learning and Engagement (GLE) in 2021. This workforce development program trains 12 members selected from different community sectors for five months full-time on various sustainability topics, including agriculture and aquaculture, island beautification, invasive species removal, reforestation, circular economy, recycling, and renewable energy. Members of the G3CC can earn 10 continuing education units (CEU) from UOG GLE and receive a bi-weekly stipend for their participation in the program. 


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