Three mayors earn SDG recognition, G3 unveils two new badges

The University of Guam Green Growth Initiative recognizes Agana Heights Mayor Paul McDonald, Asan-Maina Mayor Frankie Salas, and Sånta Rita-Sumai Mayor Dale Alvarez for their SDG efforts at the December Mayors' Council of Guam meeting. Additionally, the team is rolling out two more SDG badges and opening recruitment for the G3 Conservation Corps program next year.

Three more village mayors received recognition for their efforts in advancing the first and second Sustainable Development Goals of “No Poverty” and “Zero Hunger” as a part of the Guam Green Growth (G3) Commitment badge program. 

Agana Heights Mayor Paul McDonald, Asan-Maina Mayor Frankie Salas, and Sånta Rita-Sumai Mayor Dale Alvarez were recognized at the Mayors’ Council of Guam meeting on Tuesday, December 7. The three joined the first 12 village mayors who received their badges in July. 

The G3 Commitment badge program of the University of Guam recognizes and rewards participation from businesses, organizations, educational institutions, and community groups in developing and creating sustainable practices that align with the Guam Green Growth Action Framework and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.   

At the MCOG meeting, the G3 initiative also announced the rollout of two new badges under the program: SDG 3 for “Health and Well-Being” and SDG 9 for “Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.” The SDG 3 goal is to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being through community-based programs and partnerships. Meanwhile, SDG 9 focuses on fostering innovative multi-sectoral sustainable solutions and resilient infrastructure at the community level.  

After starting with the first four badges, the G3 Commitment program will gradually advance through all 17 SDGs within the next five years. As part of the requirements, the village, organization, or business must uphold the principles and demonstrate local leadership to advance the UN SDG(s) through a long-term commitment to sustainable development, climate justice, and resilience. 

Piti Mayor Jesse Alig, MCOG president, addressed the G3 team after the announcement, “On behalf of the council, thank you to everyone who’s been a part of this (program).”  

In response, Austin Shelton, UOG Center for Island Sustainability director said, “We would love to continue reaching out to you (village mayors) and your teams to make sure that all of you are recognized with these badges for all the hard work that you do for our island.” 

At the MCOG meeting, Shelton also announced the next recruitment cycle for the G3 Conservation Corps program. He said he anticipates the recruitment of new members to start around February or March next year. 

 The G3 Conservation Corps has been involved in strengthening partnerships and collaboration with the different villages through the G3 Conservation Corps initiative. The workforce development program prepares the community for the emerging green economy. In addition, the program aligns with the current island-wide efforts to achieve sustainability and other UN SDGs.  

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